about the festival

PlaceNigde (nigde=nowhere) is a name of the movable poetry fest, which started this summer in Tomsk city (Siberia, Russia). “Movable” means that the festival itself comes to people sometimes w/out warning. The motto of PlaceNigde: place for poetry is everywhere and nowhere. Poets of PlaceNigde aren’t no more wait for the audience at culture centers, recreational centers, libraries and other dry spots.
Instead of hanging on such culture-vulture practice the PlaceNigde community prefers to perform the poetry happenings to catch man in the streets by surprise, involving them into primeval state of spontaneity. Results of PlaceNigde experiment in Russia have showed that even a people who stick to simple way of life, all but always latently wish they touch to realm of poetry. However they have few chances to meet happy opportunity of this sort amidst their routine.
From the first glance reading poetry in “inappropriate” place like tram, plant, pub, etc, may strike as a taking hostages by poets who had lost a last hope to be heard. In fact, method of PlaceNigde could be described as somewhat aggressive but in any case non-terroristic. No one from the test persons who was falling within the attacks of poetry had got any harm. On the contrary, most of them keep a warm memory about the moment when their ignorance had gone, and they became subjects of PlaceNigde, citizens of new poetic state.
Now, being inspired by this experience as well as positive echo in the press, we’re about to widen the PlaceNigde area, and cross the border of Russia for the sake of forming international community of poets, non addicted to habitual form of writer’s activity.

Some things are both lovely and confusing,
like the Russian language and the German language
the choral circles of the - damn it! -
singing in the Recreation Centre,
and Kama Sutra for the herdsman and the goat...

We organize International movable fest PlaceNigde twice every year. This January it started in Poland (Wroclaw), then moved to Frankfurt-am-Main and Paris. Next plan is for Berlin (Panda Theater) and probably Wienn. See you soon.


Производство студия "Троянский конь" (Томск, 2012)

Идея: Андрей Филимонов. Камера: Олег Иванов, Андрей Юрченко. Монтаж: Светлана Мельник. Музыка: Наталья Нелюбова. Графика: Лариса Лавникович.