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RIA NOVOSTI: Organizers of the annual award "The Diamond Arm 2012" which is given for the real and virtual achievement of social life in Tomsk have recognized the poetry festival PlaceNigde "event of the year" in nomination "Tomsk rules". The Tomsk intellectuals - Andrei Filimonov and Andrey Olear have got the prize for most original artistic reading of poems. diamond arm-2012
PRO et CONTRA: PlaceNigde is a metaphor for travel which a poet performs all his life. PlaceNigde is a coordinates of inspiration. The most accurate, which can be since the moment we use the words "- also sprach Andrey Filimonov, organizer of the first moveable festival of contemporary poetry in Tomsk. 30th of May, 2012, the inspiration had got coordinates - 56 ° 29 north latitude and 84 ° 57 east longitude. Under this address Tomsk-city is registered on the map. During next five days, until 3 of June, 12 poets (numbers is not symbolic – apostles nothing to do with it) was looking for true places of inspiration, trying to read Tomsk as text.
TV-2: This evening with the shot in poems from an old cannon on the Resurrection hill, the first mobile poetry festival PlaceNigde has completed in Tomsk. Week ago the festival book of poems published. The book, dedicated the memory of Tomsk poet Max Baturin, has name PlaceNigde like the Festival itself. «Place» in French - a place. The place for poetry is everywhere and nowhere. In accordance with this motto organizers of Festival have refused to traditional performances in libraries, bookstores. The whole week a poets were traveling through the streets of Tomsk, and reading poetry to passers-by in “inappropriate places”.
THE CITY NEWSPAPER: Foundry, a tram, a restaurant as well as boulevards of Tomsk for four days turned into art spaces. What is a role of poetry for urban life - we talked about with Andrei Filimonov , the Tomsk poet, journalist and organizer of the poetry festival "Place Nowhere" a few days after its completion: "Art, especially, poetry has always have to conquer the territory. In this sense, you need a lot of courage to be a poet. People may not understand you, they can even laugh at your art. Mais rira bien qui rira le dernier. Therefore, thinking through a program of the festival of Tomsk, I deliberately refused to academic presentation the poetry. The idea was that the people would be involved, non passive spectators like do-stand-and-listen-to-these-big-poets. So it happened. People joined to our poetry happenings. There were occasional passengers of the literary tram, some young guys, who had hung with us on the next four days of the festival. I guess they got nice experience. Despite the strong opposition of manager the tram depot who insisted to the fact that reading poetry at the tram is interfere with the passengers and the conductor, so the tram - it is not the place for poetry."


Производство студия "Троянский конь" (Томск, 2012)

Идея: Андрей Филимонов. Камера: Олег Иванов, Андрей Юрченко. Монтаж: Светлана Мельник. Музыка: Наталья Нелюбова. Графика: Лариса Лавникович.